Resume Writing

What is a resume?

A resume is a summary of your experience, education, achievements, and interests, organized in an easy to read format that is used to help people reviewing your job or university application know more about you so they can make a decision about whether or not they will accept your application.

Why is it important? 

In order to prepare for the university application process, it is best to prepare a resume that summarizes your experience, education, achievements, and interests during your high school years.  While the formats of university applications often differ, the application is asking for the same basic information that will help university admissions make a decision about your application.   Essentially, admissions counselors want to know how you spent your time during high school, how you distinguished yourself, and how, based on your past track record, your presence would enrich the university.  Preparing a resume is process that forces you to collect this information, so that you have it readily available. A well-prepared resume will make the application process easier and help you prepare mentally to discuss your experience during an interview.

How can we help?

Jumpstart performance coaches work with our students to prepare, shape, revise, and edit their resume so that it is the most accurate reflection of what they have done and showcases them in the best light possible. Additionally, we will help our students address weaknesses or blind spots in their resumes and work with them to seek out enhanced educational, athletic, and volunteer experiences that will improve the quality of their resumes.

Our goal is to teach the resume writing process so that it becomes a skill that stays with our students far beyond the university application process.  As our students move forward in life, we strongly suggest they update their resume each year so that when an opportunity arises – an exciting job or internship, an educational opportunity or volunteer experience – they will not have to scramble to assemble their resume.