Jumpstart University Road Mapping

What is it?

University road mapping is the strategic planning tool that we individually develop with our Jumpstart students to ensure they are prepared to access the best possible post-secondary educational opportunities.  University road mapping plots out the critical preparation points that students must address as they prepare for the athletic recruitment and university application process.  In the road mapping process students will learn about the following topics:

  • Developing the university road map
  • Target university list development
  • High school course selection and transcript shaping
  • Admission preparation and resume building
  • Entrance exam preparation, SAT/ACT/AP exams
  • Canadian University application support
  • Completing The Common Application
  • Application essay writing support
  • Getting great recommendations from teachers
  • NCAA recruiting rules and regulations support
  • NCAA eligibility support
  • Understanding how to contact and interact with coaches
  • Athletic marketing
  • Interview Skills Development
  • Volunteer Service Co-ordination


Because students come to us at varying points in their educational careers, university road maps are individually designed to the specific needs and goals of the student.


Why is it important?

Targeting the university that is the best academic, athletic, and social fit for our students does not happen by accident.  Rather, it is the result of a careful planning process that takes place years before a student receives an acceptance letter and sets foot on campus.

At Jumpstart, we view the university road mapping process as an opportunity to teach the skills, strategies, tools, and habits that are required for success when students get to university.  Too often, students enroll in university unprepared, lacking the mental organization tools necessary to thrive.  Ultimately, the university road mapping process is about learning and applying the skills and strategies necessary for life long success, during the university preparation process.


How can we help?

At Jumpstart Performance Coaching we develop personalized our mission is to teach students how to open the doors to educational opportunities that students mistakenly believed were closed to them, or even worse, never knew existed.  Through performance coaching aimed specifically at providing students with the strategies, skills, tools, and habits necessary for success in all areas of living, we help students open the door to their future.

Our students pursue educational and scholarship opportunities in Canada and the United States.  In Canada, we want our students accessing the best possible academic programs and the most competitive athletic teams.  For students interested in pursuing academic and athletic opportunities in the NCAA, our University Roadmapping Program is particularly useful to those unfamiliar with the admissions processes for applying to U.S. universities and navigating NCAA recruiting strategies and NCAA eligibility regulations.

Throughout entire process – from identifying target schools to submitting the application  – Jumpstart coaches our students by breaking down each plot point along the roadmap to university into manageable steps.