Jumpstart Exam Preparation

Jumpstart University Entrance Exam Preparation  

The Jumpstart Performance Coaching Exam Preparation program takes a holistic approach to preparing its students for the major standardized university entrance exams such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and SAT II Subject Tests.   These exams play a critical role in the admission criteria to elite level universities.

The tests are designed to measure students’ high school learning and their academic readiness for university.  As a result, these tests are demanding and difficult.   Understandably, students and parents attach a tremendous amount anxiety and fear to these exams and view them as menacing obstacles on their university roadmap.   While the concerns are understandable and justified, there is no reason why students or parents should be fearful of the exams.

At Jumpstart Performance Coaching, we regard these exams as an incredible opportunity to learn the mental performance strategies, skills, tools, and habits necessary for success on the exam.  Additionally, Jumpstart’s holistic preparation for the exams ensures that our students strengthen the core academic skills needed improve marks in high school, and subsequently, thrive in university level coursework.  Our students will dramatically improve their reading comprehension ability, write with greater clarity, force, style, and organization, and finally understand those tricky mathematical concepts that have been troubling them.  Furthermore, students will learn time management strategies, study skills, and stress management techniques.

There are no secrets, tricks, or short cuts to success.  Hard work and an unyielding commitment to a goal, combined with proper support and guidance, yield results.

While getting the best possible score on an exam is certainly the goal, and often, the incentive that initially motivates students, the lasting outcome of the preparation process is that our students learn the strategies, skills, tools, and habits necessary to succeed in university, and ultimately, their lives at home and professional careers.

Our mission is to teach your son or daughter the strategies, skills, tools, and habits necessary to jumpstart their own lives so they can actualized their potential.   We believe academic readiness, achieved through intensive and holistic preparation for university entrance exams, builds a foundation for life-long success.