1-on-1 Performance Student-Coaching Athletes

Performance Toolbox

Every student-athlete is unique. They bring a distinctive combination of personality, attitude, conditioning, confidence, motivation and level of focus.

At Jumpstart, we work with each one individually to assess and address their personal performance profile, which ensures our approach to mental performance coaching them is tailored to deliver optimal results.

A student-athlete can have all the talent and skill in the world, but it is our experience that if they don’t know what to do with it once they get into a high-pressure situation, it can all fall apart. 1-on-1 performance coaching will help student-athletes develop the performance-enhancing skills, strategies, tools and habits that will allow them to put all aspects of their total performance together when it counts the most.

Each student-athlete will learn to cultivate what we refer to as their very own “Performance Toolbox”, consisting of various different “Performance Tools” that they can use both on and off the ice. This ensures learning and development of these many new mental performance-enhancing concepts is made easy and that application is seen quickly.

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Team Workshops

The team workshop is designed to accomplish several different objectives, which we know from experience and training, are the key ingredients to a successful season.

The following is a list of topics that are proven to be performance-enhancing for any team, acting as a road map for the team’s success. With each area of focus, we use 3 different approaches to ensure all learning styles are employed (look, listen and do):

  • training the mental muscle
  • goal setting and goal getting
  • tracking and measuring success
  • developing and maintaining focus
  • tapping into major motivation
  • cultivating confidence
  • attitude is everything
  • building success habits
  • team building communication

What is great about the topics we cover is that they relate to all areas of performance, both on and off the ice/field (including in the classroom). Also, we have developed the workshops in a fun and engaging way, to ensure optimal attention span and easy application once they leave each workshop. Each player will gain what we refer to as their “Performance Toolbox”, with each focus area having a “Performance Tool” that helps them remember the skill and apply it into live performance situations