Chad Malone

My name is Chad Malone and I am a university preparation strategist.   Here at JumpStart Performance Coaching I specialize in working with students (grades 7-12, and post grad) to develop strategic plans that enable students to realize their full academic, athletic, social, and moral potential.

For most of our students, this journey culminates on the memorable day when they get the news that they have been accepted into the university of their dreams, often times with scholarship money that alleviates the financial reality of paying for that dream.   However, here at JumpStart Performance Coaching, we understand that the journey our students begin with us does not end at the acceptance letter.   Rather, we believe that the fundamental skills and strategies we teach our students – ranging from time management and organization, communication, goal setting, mental performance, self-advocacy, right down to basic study skills – are tools that will enable our students to lead more focused, successful, and balanced lives in university and beyond.

Whether your goals are specific – get into the university of your dreams, get an NCAA scholarship, raise your SAT score by 400 points, up your GPA, write a winning university application essay, get recruited – or more global in nature – find your passion and figure out what you want to do in life – JumpStart Performance Coaching is here to help you envision the seemingly impossible and then strategically work towards the fulfillment of that goal.

We believe that the end vision is achieved by teaching young people how to optimally balance the three key areas of the Peak Performance State – the physical, the mental, and the emotional.  These critical factors for success are at best imbalanced for most students, and at worst, ignored.

At JumpStart, we focus on mental performance and integrate it into our students’ learning process and University Roadmap Action Plans because our minds, like every other muscle in our body, must be conditioned and trained in order to produce the results we desire.  Mental performance is 80% of total performance, and yet, how many of your teachers, guidance counselors, and coaches talk about mental performance as it relates to your goals?  The truth is that very few of the individuals working with young people directly teach the strategies to achieve a peak mental performance state.

At Jumpstart Performance coaching we believe that mental performance, athletic development, and academic preparation are intricately linked. We believe that our student-athletes must use their sport as the foot in the door to the best academic institutions in the world.  We are here to guide you through what can seem like an overwhelming process, particularly for Canadian students and parents, who are unfamiliar with the admissions processes for applying to U.S. Colleges and Universities and NCAA regulations.  Our University Roadmap Action Plan helps you understand the NCAA recruiting process and eligibility requirements, meet the necessary prerequisites for admission to the university of your choosing, including test preparation, resume building, athletic marketing strategies, and communication skills.   We look forward to developing a working partnership as we strive to find the right fit for you.

I am passionate about my work because too often, I witness well intentioned and capable students miss out on world-class educational and athletic opportunities because they were not prepared for success. As I result, I work with students and their families to ensure that they are prepared to meet educational and athletic opportunity head on by streamlining all parts of the university process into a University Roadmap Action Plan.   Additionally, I work with students to create opportunity where they mistakenly believe none existed.   At Jumpstart Performance Coaching, we believe that success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I look forward to working with you.



Chad Malone

Chad Malone graduated with honors from Middlebury College in 2001.  While at Middlebury, he served as captain of his NCAA basketball team.  After graduation he received a full scholarship to pursue his masters degree in education at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.   He went on to teach English and coach basketball in the United States at both the university and high school level.  During that time he placed many of his student-athletes in elite post-secondary universities throughout the U.S.  Since moving to Toronto, Chad has coached student-athletes and their families through the university preparation and planning process, focusing specifically on NCAA and CIS bound athletes.